Eternal Chaos Arena is unlike the traditional Chaos Arena incremental time-based. This means that an inital time is set and time will be added upon completion of boss battles. With my service, we will only focus on ECA lv0 and the first 6 waves and repeat this for atleast 9 times during one service.

The routine consists out of the first 6 waves of the dungeon. Every wave contains a set of monsters which have to be killed within the given time limit (1 minute and 30 seconds). After this time limit, (or if all mobs are killed before this time) the monsters die and the dungeon proceeds to the next wave.

After every three waves a boss battle will commence. During the leveling service, we will do the first 6 waves and exit the dungeon to repeat the process.
This means, that after three waves we will kill the first boss. After the boss battle I will quickly exit the dungeon to get SP before the next wave starts.
  1. This is the gate. I would prefere if you do not attack the gate so I will not get any experiance from it.
  2. This is what I would call the most 'safe zone' and I would prefere, if you need to AFK during the run, to stay on this position.
  3. This is the position I am using as inital position during a wave and I will reposition myself after every wave.
The green zone: This is the zone you will get EXP from me when I attack the waves. There is no need to stick yourself to my character, you can roam around in this zone.


  • EXP Services are only done by a character called Thearminator being part of the logo Amnesia guild.
  • The price for a service is a fixed 200kk and a voucher, Oath of Sacrifice and 50 Fury Potions
  • You need to pay for your own ECA entrance entries. (10 Entries)
  • Alz and vouchers, oath and SP pots are getting paid BEFORE the service.
  • I am not responsible if you are getting scammed by impersonators.
  • The character 'Lagkage' is my Wizard and is used to provide SP.
  • I will keep the 'Fragments of Chaos' gained during a service.
  • A service is always '2 hours' unless mentioned other wise.
  • Services are noted down in the schedule.
  • I speak a decent form of English.